Oct 11, 2014

Second chances

Giving second chances only to be disappointed again by certain individuals. Some people never change. They are just not worth my time now.

Apr 17, 2014


It's easy to pick out flaws in another person, but when we act in the same way, how different are we in the first place? Selfishness and prejudice rules the day for now. Hearsay and rumours being the poison that unknowingly runs through our veins and into our heads.

Mar 25, 2013

New toy

Bought myself a new toy on impulse today. The random shit we do in medical school.

Jan 26, 2013

Acting cool

On some mornings, I would go out for a jog near my place. Okay this is a lie. I can barely sustain a decent effort in maintaining an exercise schedule. However, on the rare days that my bed doesn't wrestle me back to sleep, I find myself doubting my level of fitness when I gasp helplessly for my breath after a few short laps. It's appalling and sad. As you could already imagine, it is not a very pleasant sight. Ruffled from bring woken up at an ungodly hour, bathed in sweat and panting like a dog in a desert I just run along hoping nobody actually sees me in this sorry state. Definitely not one of my finer moments.

And so occasionally there will be this young woman from the neighbourhood out jogging as well. I would absolutely dread it when that happens. She was at a level way beyond mine. I say this because she would have ran 2 laps by the time I even completed one and does it effortlessly to boot. I don't like it when that happens because it causes a huge dent on my ego. A dent so big, it would look as if a trailer crashed into my ego and rendered it unrecognizable. She has to be a marathoner of some sort. Whatever she is, me no likey.

Whenever I notice that she is out, I would try and appear cool and try to run faster than I usually would to keep whatever remnant of my ego intact. I push myself to the point that my calves start their own rebellion against me and start a huge burning bonfire. I cannot let her overtake me. I simply cannot. I must not. If I do, it means that I'm not a man anymore. As soon as I knew it, I could clear distinct footsteps behind me which were getting louder with each step.

"Morning," she said.

"Mhm~ing," I grunted. Clearly out of breath.

*Crash and burn*

Jan 20, 2013

Some updates

The spare battery for the iphone finally arrived a few days back. It was supposed to come earlier but Pos Malaysia decided to lose the parcel and I had to call them to track it back. But anyways it's here, so whatever. Put it back into the iphone and it lives. Save for a slightly wonky digitizer panel that does not register touches at the top quarter of the screen. Can expect to escape from the whole incident completely unscathed. Besides that minor annoyance it is a working iphone at last. I would consider it a success.

And the other incident was with my friend's shipment of Xiaomi M2 that I handled on his behalf. The stupid people in China decided to ship two clones to me rather than the proper units. Apparently it was an "accident" and they got cheated. I don't know for sure but I hate it when that happens because I have to go through the hassle of getting the phones shipped back. Good thing they handled the matter quite professionally and were quite genuine in helping to get the phones replaced. They came in two days ago and fortunately this time they were the right ones. Phew. At least that's over with. Was giving me a headache for weeks with the constant follow ups and negotiations with the seller.

So, behold the iphone that lived and also the two Xiaomi M2's. I am bloody jealous because the M2's are one of the fastest phones that I have ever handled. Everything else pales in comparison.

Jan 14, 2013

Pay up

While shopping for furniture to furnish my place in jb. I have come to realize how high the cost of living has ballooned nowadays. I mean just getting a few articles furniture of the cheap sort has already slapped me with a bill of nearly two thousand ringgit. Everyone seems to be demanding for higher prices nowadays. The never ending paradox of the seller wanting to earn a better living and the buyer trying to do the same by being tight with their wallets. Everyone wants to save and earn more money at the same time. What a world we live in. A never ending struggle between the two ends. All trying hard to survive and stay afloat. Except some are clinging on a dingy buoy while others relax aboard a luxury yacht.

We see the social injustices everyday. One person makes a living by picking up scrap and has a very uncertain future. The other person shuns the first calling them filthy and belittling them as being of a lower class.

Some say the ideal society is one without class. But then again, is that really possible. Would those residing in cozy air conditioned offices help to build the very offices that they sit in. I highly doubt that there will be such a thing as absolute equality. It's human nature to establish an order of hierarchy in every society that exists. Perhaps it boils down to our basic instincts. Animals usually establish such orders when they live within a pack. The alpha male among a pride of lions versus the boss of a company. Many similarities can be drawn no? What a world we truly live in.

Jan 11, 2013

Kuala Lumpur Again

Decides to greet me with a torrential shower and gloomy skies. Gawd I love this place.